Downloader Pro Help


  1. Overview
      Automatic folder naming
      Automatic file naming
      Automatic JPEG rotation
      Automatic NAA/IPTC data entry
      Plug-ins to extend Downloader's functionality
      Support for external storage devices
      Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel FEC
  2. Installing and registering Downloader Pro
      Installing Downloader Pro
      Registering Downloader Pro
  3. Getting started
      Downloading from a card reader
      Downloading from a camera
      The main screen
      Progress dialog
      Displaying thumbnails and playing WAV and AVI files
      Download complete sound
      Launching Downloader when a camera is connected
      Launching Downloader when inserting a memory card in a card reader
      Command line switches
      Hiding unnecessary files
      Copying files already on your hard disk
      Camera settings dialog
  4. Making the most of Downloader Pro
      Running Downloader Pro automatically
      Entering the subject
      Downloading from more than one camera
  5. Preference settings
      Download path preferences
      General preferences
      Automation preferences
      Custom button preferences
      Camera name mapping preferences
      Plug-ins preferences
  6. NAA/IPTC data
      Editing IPTC data
  7. Plug-ins
      JPEG auto profile plug-in
      JPEG resolution plug-in
      Directory maker plug-in
  8. Filename and Directory tokens
      Shooting Date and Time tokens
      Date and Time 'now' tokens
      Shooting Data tokens
      Other tokens

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